Colbert Farmers Cooperative

North Alabama's Leader in Agricultural Supplies and Services

About CFC

The Colbert Farmers Cooperative is comprised of three locations spread across Colbert county. The first of which is the Leighton site which is located just on the outskirts of historic downtown Leighton Alabama. This site is considered the main location and Hub of our Coop. Most of the main business is done in the offices within this location. The majority of the farm related services that we offer is directed from this site and the equipment is stored as well as maintained from this facility. Secondly, the Tuscumbia site is located right on Highway 72 and is most convenient for the average coop customer to swing in and pick up their favorite hanging fern or stock up on seeds and equipment for planting that spring garden. Lastly, the grain storage facility, which was previously known as Farmers Home Gin before being purchased by the Colbert Farmers Coop in 2008, is located just two miles from our Leighton store and is home to our state of the art grain storage bins which hold approximately 365,000 bushels. We have two massive warehouses that are used for flat storage of grain that would easily hold 250,000 bushels. We also have 70,000 bushel bins that function as one of the areas few locations to store canola. This facility is not only used for grain storage it is also home to one of the nicest seed treatment facilities in North Alabama. All this combines to give the people of Colbert county and the surrounding areas one of the best coops in the South.

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